Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Iron and Copper shall be your locks.

  The verse ‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’ is followed by ‘As in the days of your youth, so shall be your days of your old age’. Rashi, the major Torah commentator, offers two interpretations: [1] As the days of your youth are good and illuminated, so too will be the days of your old age, which would normally be weakening and stumbling, will also be illuminated days. [2] As long as you will conduct yourselves as is the Will of G-d, all nations will pour their gold and silver into the Land of Israel. Their wealth resources will be emptied and bequeathed to Israel. In this interpretation Rashi brings the word in Old French– ‘Ashkelon’e, meaning, that they will pour out.

Walls of Jerusalem

When Jewish People follow the Will of G-d, gold will not be transferred in small increments, but will be poured out! The implications of this insight are absolutely clear: If you will follow the Will of G-d, the Code of Jewish Law, that when a nation will make its approach even for no more than for fodder for their animals, take an armed stand and do not allow them to enter. Then you will be assured [since you have fulfilled the verse ‘iron and copper [your strong ones] are your locks’ on the borders], that the days of your old age will have the fortitude and strength of your youth [first insight], and gold and silver will pour into Israel from all lands [second insight]. 

These blessings are dependent on guarding Israel! As Rashi comments: ‘Now the verse speaks of all Israel: that their strong ones should inhabit the border cities so that the enemy not enter her. A small child may ask: ’Even if we inhabit the borders, how will the open areas between the border cities be protected?’ When he will grow up he will understand that when they will stand guard with weapons [as Jewish Law commands] those areas will be protected. And if they [the weak minded] will say we have no choice, if we need to stand guard with weapons, we need money to make these purchases, and this money come from the Nations. 

This issue is also clarified by Torah. If we observe the Will of the Almighty, we will receive the funding. If there are some that will find a better interpretation in Rashi, I have no interest in taking up this argument with them. But now that we have reached a situation of a serious threat to Jewish life, we must shout until they get the message! The choice is not ‘of receiving peace by giving away land’, but ‘of getting a bit of paper for giving away land!’ 

No investigations or discoveries of what is going on behind closed doors are necessary to realize that this last year since their signing [which they call the ‘Peace Agreement’] there were many attacks [and Jewish people killed]. Since the Six Day War there has never been a year so full of attacks as this year!

Egypt has again and again negated the peace agreement; Israel is full of regrets. Admit your mistake in signing! You Israel have eaten enough stinking fish and taken sufficient whippings. The time to follow the word of G-d has arrived! As of now, stop giving! Take back what has been given! Clearly this path will bring no harm, only help, because thereby you will be walking with the power of G-d who has promised that your days will be like those of your youth. And speedily, we will arrive at the end– the true and full redemption through Moshiach our righteous one, immediately!  

Public talk 13 Tishrei, 1980

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