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Camp David and the Rebbe’s Vision

Overview: Shocking details of Camp David Agreement whereby Israel gave everything in return for nothing. The Rebbe warned that promises offered by the Arabs could well be overturned should the Egyptian leader to the agreement [President Sadat of Egypt] be assassinated – which is exactly what took place just three years later, perpetrated by Moslem extremist Jihadists. 

Agreement: Meeting on 17.9.1978 just a few days before the Rebbe’s talk. It was agreed that 1.The designation of a “Palestinian People” with legitimate demands and rights over Judea and Samaria. 2. No mention was made of any rights of the Jewish People in these areas. 3. Negotiations on the final status will begin 3 years after autonomy, not after 5 years. 4. Negotiations will be held by the Jordanians, Palestinians and Palestinian refugees returning from Arab lands ratified by a referendum in those areas. 5. Negotiations to cover border issues, that Israel retreat from Judea and Samaria after 5 years of autonomy. 6. No mention was made of existing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. 7. Israel to reduce its security control of Judea and Samaria during autonomy period. 8. All Jewish communities in Sinai to be destroyed. 9. Israel will return all oil wells and airfields in Sinai. 

The Rebbe’s Talk: Spoken [18th Elul 5738] just a few days after the ill-fated subjugation of Israel to her enemies at the Camp David agreement.

Every single Jew of the Jewish nation is a master over every single inch, handbreadth, and every spot of the Land of Israel. This being the case, no one has the right to act as having exclusive ownership over the Land of Israel which is “the Eternal Inheritance of the Eternal People”. In order to merit G-d’s Promise “and I will give peace in the Land”, true peace, it is vital that the people of Israel conduct themselves in accordance with the Divine Will because it is He who is Master over the entire world and certainly over the Land of Israel where His Divinity is apparent, as alluded to by the verse “the Land to which the Eyes of G-d gaze continuously from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”. 

In addition there is the clear law that wherever Jewish people reside both within Israel or elsewhere, where there is a heathen army approaching may it be for no more that cattle fodder, it is forbidden to open space for them to enter; rather one is obliged to go forth armed and even desecrate the Shabbos to prevent inhabitants from being killed. This is certainly true of our current situation, where there is no political disagreement, that to hand over even a small parcel of land is life threatening. Military experts accept this law of Torah that it is imperative to stand strong and armed, this being the only way to prevent loss of life. 

PM Menachem Begin visits the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Furthermore, this is the only way to bring about G-d’s promise “And I will give peace unto the Land”, not a momentary or imaginary peace, but true lasting peace. This can only happen when the conduct is in accord with instructions given by the Eternal Torah, which was given to bring peace to the world. “G-d gives strength to His People, and G-d will bless His People with peace.” It will be sufficient to threaten the enemies with artillery for a short moment because they thereby will be stricken with fear; and the nations will walk in the light of G-d. At that time the destroyers and annihilators from within the Jewish Nation will no longer be amongst you.

Israel gives away everything and receives nothing in return. 

A few days ago a meeting took place at Camp David where an agreement was signed between Israel and Egypt. In spite of the fact that more than what went public was kept secret, and immediately thereafter differences of opinion arose amongst the three Israel representative signatories. That which was signed, created a document of dreadfully dangerous proportions; the surrender of everything for nothing in return. 

The sole return with which Israel comforts herself is the receipt of a verbal promise from one of whom it is questionable how long he will retain his seat of power. In addition, even whilst he retains his seat, it remains unclear if he will conduct himself as to his personal wish or the will of the “rich uncle” who pays the bills, Saudi Arabia. Also, the agreement to maintain diplomatic relations between Israel and Egypt cannot be relied upon because it is known the lack of value diplomatic relations hold: randomly he recalls his diplomats and randomly he send his diplomats back. The most painful point of the matter is that Israel has factually given up areas of land which cannot be retrieved. They cannot have regrets a day later and retake the lands the next day. From the Egyptian perspective, they have given no more than a promise of peace, something which can be given today and reneged upon tomorrow. Meaning, that from the moment they have the lands in their hands they are able to change their minds. The bottom line is that Israel has received nothing in return for their surrender of terrain. With regard to guarantees given by one or another nation, the USA gave guarantees previously and did not keep their word!

And more: a signature on a document which guarantees the giving away of lands, even if theoretically, into Arab hands creates an offer of surrender of portions of the Holy Land which was given as a gift to us from G-d as an Eternal Inheritance to the Eternal People.

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